My Story with This Book: This is a children’s book I received with my consultant kit for Usborne Books and More.

Author: Fiona Watt

Rating: 5/5 — Highly Recommend!

Genres: Children’s; Sensory (touch-and-feel); Board Book

Synopsis: Different types of dogs are explored through bright colors and sensory-stimulating textures as the narrator says what their dog is not, until they find their dog at the end. One of many in a series of “That’s Not My…” Touchy-Feely” books published by Usborne.

Response: This is a cute, short, simple book which provides children with tactile stimulation as they talk about the differences between different textures, sizes, and other descriptors.

Content/Age Range: Reading level is Beginning Reader. Interest level is Infant through Preschool. Perfect for an older sibling to read to a younger one!

Quality/Durability: VERY sturdy. So much more durable than other “touch-and-feel” books I’ve seen from other publishers. You can see and feel the difference when you compare. Usborne’s books also come with a warranty of sorts, that if a book is damaged, you can return and replace it for 50% off. My kids are rough on books, but all my UBAM books still look brand new.

Where to find it: My UBAM store, here.

Extra Notes: This post includes a link to my personal UBAM consultant store. I’m required to let you know.