My Story with This Book: I was doing Trim Healthy Mama and struggling a bit. Someone on the THM Facebook group recommended the book. About a month later, after I was already halfway through, my mother-in-law’s church started a DVD-and-workbook study on the book, and I joined them.

Author: Lysa Terkeurst

Rating: 4/5

Genres: Devotional; Self-Help; Inspirational

Synopsis: The author explores the challenges women face in trying to lose weight (or break any habit, really) by discussing spiritual truths and sharing from her own personal experiences. This book does not present any particular diet or weight loss plan, but offers support which is intended to encourage women who are struggling to begin or continue healthy lifestyles.

Response: Though intended to be primarily for weight loss, this can really be applied to other habits which need breaking. Food can be an addiction, like other vices, and so something which helps to break the habit of unhealthy food relationships can also help to break habits of other addictions. Not intended to replace any professional counsel from doctors or trainers, this book simply bolsters the reader’s spiritual endurance. The reason I gave it 4/5 instead of 5/5 was due in part to its repetition. Towards the end, I felt like many of the things expressed in the beginning were being repeated, just with different scriptures to back it up. Because of that, it started to get dry. Readers may get more from it by going through it in a group (the DVD and workbook are of course optional), as some readers may glean different insights and bring about deeper conversations than if one reads it alone.

Content: Clean and what you would expect from a devotional. Lysa does mention snippets of abuse and neglect she endured as a child, so it does touch on some difficult content, but it is brief and not in detail.

Theology: Broadly Christian–can be read and appreciated by any denomination. Gives scripture references with life application, without any particular doctrinal leanings.

Where to find it: As usual, it can be found on Amazon.

Extra Notes: The DVD and workbook are not required but may be helpful, especially in a group. The workbook is designed to follow the DVD, but it could be used on its own (if you skip the parts that specifically refer to the DVD). Likewise, the DVD could be used on its own, without the workbook.