My Story with This Book: After reading (and falling in love with) the Annals of Lystra, this was the next series by Robin Hardy that I read.

Author: Robin Hardy

Rating: 5/5 — Highly Recommend!

Genres: Christian Fiction; Christian Romance

Synopsis: Bank teller Adair Weiss is startled to receive a marriage proposal from billionaire Fletcher Streiker–whom she has never met in person. As a stipulation of the proposal, Adair may only speak to him on the phone and will not see him face-to-face until they are married. She is only given a slim folder of various notes and news articles to piece together who he is so she can decide whether she wants to marry him. But making the decision whether or not to marry him is only the beginning of the adventure, as she encounters his enemies (both personal and business) and must grow and change to become the wife he needs her to be. This book is blatantly (without trying to hide it at all) an allegory of Christ and the Church.

Response: I love this series and can read it over and over (which I do, periodically). What’s wonderful about this series is that because it’s an allegory, it is easy to draw spiritual truths which can challenge as well as encourage. What’s more, the more familiar you are with the book, the more you find little nuggets that may not have been so obvious the first time around. The characters are relatable and the story enjoyable. Definitely one of my favorites.

Content: Very clean, in general. Some sensual scenes, but they are brief and somewhat vague (nothing explicit). Depending on the printing you have, there may or may not be one or two mild curse words. Some violence, but it is not graphic or intense. Appropriate for ages 14+.

Theology: Broadly Christian (no specific denomination or doctrinal leanings). Presents very basic allegory of Christ.

Where to find it: Find the series at Robin’s author page on Amazon. It is important to note that there are TWO endings to “Morning Sun”. I have read them both and I find them to be equally satisfying, but for different reasons. One ending (the more recent one) is more in-tune with Streiker’s appearance in Robin’s other series’ (“Padre“/”His Strange Ways” and the “Sammy” series). and in particular, the Sammy/Streiker Salmagundi, “If Only For This Life“. You may compare the original printing and the newest edition to decide for yourself which you prefer. I will admit that when I first read the newer edition, I was torn. I could see how it did in fact work better, especially since the insertion of Streiker into Padre’s and Sammy’s worlds, but the “happy ending” romantic in me balked against it. But in the end, I came around and (especially after reading “If Only For This Life”), I came to appreciate and prefer the newer ending. Just my two cents.

Extra Notes: There is currently a movie in the works for this series. You can find out more about the Streiker Movie here.