My Story with This Book: I bought this book from my Usborne site.

Author: Kate Davies

Rating: 5/5 — Highly Recommend!

Genres: Children’s; Non-fiction; Science; Lift-a-flap

Synopsis: With accurate, colorful illustrations and fun flaps with facts, this book is sure to keep your little marine biologist busy for quite a while!

Response: Love the illustrations. Love the quick facts. Love the durable flaps. My kids love this book, too. My three-year-old will spend a good chunk of time just sitting with it and lifting the flaps. And those flaps are WAY sturdier than most other lift-a-flap books on the market. Very strong and sure to withstand even my wild bunch.

Content/Age Range: Simple facts about marine animals and sea life without any bias towards either creation or evolution. Just the basics. Due to its length, the attention span required would probably mean a minimum age of 2-3, depending on the child, with the parent reading (of course). I would estimate the independent reading level at about 6-7 years old (again, depending on the child).

Quality/Durability: High quality and extremely durable!

Where to find it: On my Usborne site, of course. Here’s a direct link.