My Story with This Book: Came across it many years ago on when looking for more books by Robin Hardy.

Author: W.W. Melton; Edited by Robin Hardy

Rating: 5/5 — Highly Recommend!

Genres: Devotional; Spiritual; Christian living

Synopsis: Robin discovered a small book of devotions by Texas pastor W.W. Melton, and endeavored to edit them to make them accessible to modern readers. This little book of devotions is full of simple yet deep truths about God and how to live the Christian life.

Response: Part of what makes this book enjoyable is its accessibility. Some devotionals strive so hard to be “spiritual” that they lose the reader in verbosity and repetition. This book has the forthrightness of the old time preachers, but edited to be understood by readers of today. Also, it’s short enough that the reader benefits from the insights without losing interest–it just gets right to the point.

Content: Clean as can be!

Theology: Very basic and in agreement with multiple denominations.

Where to find it: Here’s the Amazon link.