My Story with This Book: Read it as part of my training in Breastfeeding Counseling.

Author: Dr. Jack Newman

Rating: 5/5 — Highly Recommend!

Genres: Parenting; Lactation

Synopsis: Dr. Jack explores the many facets of breastfeeding, shares positive breastfeeding advice, and explores the causes and treatments for a variety of challenges breastfeeding mothers may face. He is to-the-point in this book, laying out scientific facts as well as anecdotes from parents and fellow physicians.

Response: This is a must-read for all birth and parenting professionals. There is so much information, yet it’s easy to read as Dr. Jack is down-to-earth in his approach. He makes it accessible to everyone, with or without medical training. There is substantial wisdom in this book, and it’s one of my top favorites to refer to when serving clients.

Content: Clinical discussions of lactation and photos of real breasts. Intended for new parents and birth/lactation professionals, but reading level and content would be appropriate for 14+.

Theology: N/A

Where to find it: Amazon link here.

Extra Notes: You can find more lactation advice on Dr. Jack’s website.