My Story with This Book: This book was an option from the required reading list in my birth doula course.

Author: Penny Simkin

Rating: 5/5 — Highly Recommend!

Genres: Birth; Parenting; Doula Support

Where to find it: Amazon link here.

Synopsis: World-renowned birth expert Penny Simkin shares about the changes a woman experiences during labor and birth, and provides tips to partners and supporters on how to comfort and encourage the birthing mother. This book has been recommended time and time again by doulas and midwives to parents and those in training.

Response: This book is an excellent resource for all birth professionals, parents, and anyone who wants to help support women in their vitally important work of giving birth. Labor and birth are complex, with incredible mechanisms involved. Yet the means by which we can help women through the process can be beautifully simple. It’s no wonder that whenever a new doula asks for recommendations on where to start, this book is one of the top three mentioned.

Content: Descriptions of labor and birth. Appropriate for intended audience (parents and birth professionals).

Theology: N/A