My Story with This Book: I received this book as a gift when my husband and I went to a Joni and Friends Marriage Getaway for couples affected by disability.

Author: Ken & Joni Eareckson Tada

Rating: 5/5 — Highly Recommend!

Genres: Autobiography; Spiritual

Where to find it: Unfortunately they do not carry this anymore on the online store, but it is available on Amazon.

Synopsis: Ken and Joni, founders of Joni and Friends (a ministry that serves individuals affected by disability), share their story of how they met, and about their marriage. They share the deep hurts they held in their hearts and the day-to-day struggles of living with disability, as well as how they overcame these struggles–together, by God’s grace.

Response: This was a touching story filled with love, joy, humor, brutal honesty, humility, and encouragement. While shifting between the individuals’ perspectives, it remains constant in tone and style, showing a unity of thought. It is not “Joni’s story” or “Ken’s story”; it’s their story. I loved that. I enjoyed this book a great deal, and was uplifted by its message of faith and perseverance.

Content: Clean as can be, but intended for adults in terms of interest and target audience.

Theology: Generic, non-denominational.

Extra Notes: You can learn more about Joni and Friends here.