My Story with This Book: I actually first started reading this book online. As it had not been published yet, the author included a sample of the first few chapters on her website. Now that it’s been published, the sample chapters are no longer available, but that was how I started the series. You’ll notice that the author is one whose books I’ve reviewed in the past, and that was how I found her website with the sample chapters in the first place. I had just finished reading The Annals of Lystra and was itching to read more by her. She informed me via email that the first book of the Sammy series was on her website. I’ve since read and purchased the rest of the series.

Author: Robin Hardy

Rating: 5/5 — Highly Recommend!

Genres: Christian; Romance; Fiction; Detective/Mystery

Where to find it: On Amazon, of course.

Synopsis: Sammy is a detective in Dallas, Texas who is temporarily stalked (benignly) by his curious neighbor, Marni. The two form a partnership of sorts, but he makes it clear to her that he is not interested in romance (while she is clearly attracted to him–most women are). Sammy’s past comes back to haunt him, pushing him into the black hole of depression, desperation, and ultimately losing himself in his work. But it’s Marni’s faith that will serve as his lifeline. I don’t want to spoil too much, of course, but the series follows Sammy and Marni through their relationship as they continue to work cases together.

Response: This series is enjoyable to read, balancing serious crimes and earnest faith with laughter and triumph. Sammy and his partner detectives (Dave and Mike) provide plenty of comedic relief through their pranking and teasing of one another, while Marni puts up with the three of them with a knowing smile and her own jabs here and there. These books are equally fun and engaging, making twists and turns in each case and always giving the reader opportunities to roll their eyes and say, “Oh, Sammy. What mess have you gotten yourself into this time?”

Content: Some adult themes (within cases) and mild language (PG rated, some implied PG-13 words). Does include scenes of intimacy within marriage but not explicit or raunchy. Appropriate for older teens (16+) and up.

Theology: Non-denominational; generic Christianity. Some discussion and implication of spiritual warfare; some honest critiques of modern churches.

Extra Notes: You can follow this author on Amazon here.