My Story with This Book: This was a book club read chosen by a fellow member. 

Author: Jim Fergus

Rating: 5/5 — Highly Recommend!

Genres: Historical Fiction

Where to find it: Here’s the Amazon link.

Synopsis: A young journalist keeps a diary entailing his adventures in joining an expedition to find a missing boy. Having no experience in the wilderness, he finds himself slightly in over his head and overwhelmed by the danger and wildness involved. Yet in the midst of it all, he finds a connection with a young girl from the Apache tribe they encounter and soon must choose sides. 

Response: This is one of those books that stays with you for a while after you’ve finished reading it. I will be honest in admitting that I felt the ending could have been different–a little happier, I think–but I understand why the author chose to end it the way he did. The descriptions, coming from a white city boy with so little experience in the world, are true to the times, yet with a softness to his tone. With adventure and romance, and with a sullen, literary tone, this suits a variety of tastes.

Content: Some frank discussion on intimacy. I would consider this a mature book (age 16+).

Theology: This book doesn’t present any theology, per say. Some Native American spirituality is depicted, but as the narrator doesn’t quite understand it, very little is said about it other than descriptions of their actions.