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The Newsmakers

My Story with This Book: This book was given to me by a fellow reviewer. Author: Lis Wiehl Rating: 3/5 --It's Okay Genres: According to the publisher, it's supposed to be a Christian Thriller. Other than Fiction, I'm not sure... Continue Reading →


The Streiker Saga (Series)

My Story with This Book: After reading (and falling in love with) the Annals of Lystra, this was the next series by Robin Hardy that I read. Author: Robin Hardy Rating: 5/5 -- Highly Recommend! Genres: Christian Fiction; Christian Romance... Continue Reading →

Made to Crave

My Story with This Book: I was doing Trim Healthy Mama and struggling a bit. Someone on the THM Facebook group recommended the book. About a month later, after I was already halfway through, my mother-in-law's church started a DVD-and-workbook... Continue Reading →

That’s Not My Puppy!

My Story with This Book: This is a children's book I received with my consultant kit for Usborne Books and More. Author: Fiona Watt Rating: 5/5 -- Highly Recommend! Genres: Children's; Sensory (touch-and-feel); Board Book Synopsis: Different types of dogs... Continue Reading →

While We’re Far Apart

My Story with This Book: Given to me by a friend who was moving and downsizing her books. Author: Lynn Austin Rating: 4/5 -- Very Good, Recommend Genres: Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction, Romance Synopsis: Penny originally wants to help the single father she'd... Continue Reading →

One Thousand Gifts

My Story with This Book: Recommended to me by my mom, purchased online. Author: Ann Voskamp Rating: 5/5 -- Highly Recommend! Genres: Devotional; Spiritual; Christian Synopsis: The author explores past heartaches and difficulties to explain how she came to develop... Continue Reading →

I Am Apache

My Story with This Book: I found this book at a thrift store, on the clearance rack. Lucky me! Author: Tanya Landman Rating: 4/5 -- Very good, Recommend Genres: Historical Fiction Synopsis: A heart-rending story of courage, devotion, and loss.... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Midwifery

My Story with This Book: This book is considered a "must read" for birth professionals, or women who want to learn more about birth and be inspired by stories of natural birth. As a doula and student midwife, it was... Continue Reading →

Penryn and the End of Days (Series)

This is a series I just finished recently, and it's staying on my shelf. I even put it on the same shelf as my Robin Hardy books (a true honor). My Story with This Book: I was given this book... Continue Reading →

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